Atria Learning and Development GmbH is a private limited company organized under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany with its principal office in Leer.
It is registered with the district court (Amtsgericht) in Aurich under no. HRB111148.
The value added tax identification number of Atria Learning and Development GmbH is DE 287 883 187.
Hafenstrasse 6
26789 Leer
Tel +49 491 9276152
Fax +49 491 9276122
e-mail info(at)
Authorized representatives:
Mr. M.R. Jansen
* Atria Learning and Development GmbH is not liable for the content of those websites which can be accessed from this website via hyperlinks.

Data Protection Notice

Atria Learning and Development GmbH (hereinafter: "we") respects your privacy.
We take the protection of your personal data, such as your name, date of birth, address, e-mail address, telephone number etc., very seriously.
This data protection notice regulates the collection, processing and use of your personal data if and to the extent that it is generated upon the use of our websites.
We handle this data in strict compliance with the applicable statutory data protection provisions and the principles set out below.
  • 1. Data reduction and data economy

    We act in compliance with the principle of data reduction and data economy, which means that we collect, process and use as little personal data as possible.
  • 2. Personal data and consent

    We will collect, process and use your personal data as far as is necessary for the formation, performance or termination of a contractual or quasi-contractual client relationship. Any other collection, processing and use of personal data requires your prior consent. Your personal data will only be used for the purpose for and to the extent to which the consent is given. You may withdraw your consent at any time with future effect. We will erase your data upon receipt of the withdrawal. Please send your written withdrawal to the following address: e-mail: info(at) or Postal address: Atria Learning and Development GmbH, Hafenstrasse 6, 26789 Leer, Germany
  • 3. Data generated automatically

    Personal data may be processed automatically during the use of our websites. This includes in particular the name of your provider, your IP address, the type of your browser and operating system as well as websites visited including any search terms and the websites that you click through to reach us on the Internet. In all of these cases, data is processed anonymously, that is, you cannot be personally identified from the data.
  • 4. Cookies

    The website uses 'çookies' in several areas. These serve to make our website more user-friendly, efficient and secure. Cookies are small text files which are stored on your computer and saved by your browser. Most cookies we employ are 'session cookies'. These are automatically deleted upon saving the website. Cookies are harmless for your computer, and do not contain personal data or viruses. You can delete cookies from your computer at any time. To do so, please inform yourself about the steps necessary for your particular browser.
  • 5. Social Networks

    On our website there are links to external social networks, such as Linkedin and Vimeo (social plugins). The functions allocated to the links, in particular the transmission of information and user data, are not activated when you visit the website, but only when you click on a particular link. By clicking on a link, the plugins of the corresponding network are activated, and your browser creates a direct connection to its servers. If you click on a link while visiting our website, your user data may be transmitted to and processed by the corresponding network. If you click on a link while visiting our website and at the same time are logged into the network via your personal user account, confirmation that you have visited our website may be forwarded to the network and stored in your account. To prevent attribution to your account in the corresponding network, you must log out of your account before clicking on the link. For information on the purpose and scope of data collection by social networks, how your data is used and subsequently processed by them as well as your personal rights in this respect and setting options for protecting your privacy, please refer to the privacy policy of the corresponding network. The relevant social network bears full responsibility for data processing initiated by clicking on a link.
  • 6. Third-party access to your personal data

    Personal data is collected, processed and used by our company and – unless expressly excluded by us – by other companies of the Seatrade Group (group companies) or service providers also commissioned by us. In the last two cases, we will ensure that group companies and service providers comply with the applicable statutory data protection provisions and the obligations arising under this data protection notice. Service providers may, for instance, be commissioned in the context of shipping goods, distributing advertising material or in the scope of competitions. No other access to your personal data shall be granted to any third parties. In particular, we will not sell or otherwise exploit the data. We will only process it, in particular by communicating it to government agencies, at the request of any authorities or pursuant to applicable statutory provisions or statutory disclosure requirements.
  • 7. Security

    We have implemented technical and organisational measures to protect your data from loss, modification, theft or access by unauthorised third parties.
  • 8. Deletion and blocking

    We shall delete your personal after the expiry of the business purpose connected with the data or as required by applicable statutory data protection provisions. For instance, we will delete the data collected for a competition once it has finished unless you have consented to further collection, processing and use of your data. If you have given your consent, we will delete the data when your consent is withdrawn or on expiry of the purpose for which your consent was given (Clause 2). We will block your personal data in whole or in part upon your request. In this respect, we request you to inform us to what extent and for how long it shall be blocked. As far as technically possible, you may exclude the processing and use of your data for specific purposes.
  • 9. Hyperlinks

    Our websites may contain hyperlinks, that is, electronic cross-references via which websites of other companies can be called up. This data protection notice does not apply to such linked websites. Instead they are governed solely by the data protection provisions set out on them.
  • 10. Amendments to this data protection notice

    This data protection notice is kept up to date. Consequently the data protection notice may need to be amended in line with any modified objective or statutory circumstances. The use of our websites shall constitute acceptance of any such amendments.
  • 11. Data Protection Officer

    Of course, you may contact us at any time if you have any questions in respect of the collection, processing and use of your personal data. We will also be pleased to assist you with any general data protection-related information. For this purpose, please contact us at the following address: e-mail: info(at) or Postal Address: Atria Learning and Development GmbH, Hafenstrasse 6, 26789 Leer, Germany
  • Legal Notice

    This Internet presence is operated by Atria Learning and Development GmbH (hereinafter: "we"). The websites are intended to inform you about our company as well as our products and activities. This legal notice regulates the use of our websites. In specific cases, compliance with further regulations might be mandatory, for instance, when accessing websites which are only available to registered users. In such cases, you will find additional notes at the appropriate points.
  • 1. Use of our websites

    You are authorised to view, store and download the content of our websites for private or journalistic purposes. Any reproduction, distribution and/or publication of the content for other purposes is subject to our prior written approval. If our approval is granted, use is free of charge, whereby the following copyright note is to be affixed in a clearly visible and legible form: © Atria Learning and Development GmbH Any other use is prohibited. This applies in particular to any modification and processing of the content or parts of it. This legal notice is kept up to date. Consequently the legal notice may need to be amended in line with any modified objective or statutory circumstances. Use of our websites constitutes acceptance of the legal notice applicable at that time. Any infringement of the stipulations set out in this legal notice imposes an obligation to desist from such acts and to rectify the consequences, that is, the respective acts of use must be ceased and any copies destroyed. We reserve the right to enforce further claims, in particular claims for damages.
  • 2. Intellectual property rights

    The content that can be accessed on our websites is protected by copyright. This applies in particular to the structure of the websites in terms of their content as well as to any texts, photographs, audio/video files and databases. The product names and get-ups used on our websites are, inter alia, protected by trademark and/or competition law. This applies to the company logos and trademarks as well as the packaging get-up (layouts) in particular. Our products may also be subject to further protection, such as design rights, utility model rights or patent rights. Any unauthorised use of our websites, product names, get-ups or products constitutes an infringement of copyright, trademark rights, competition rights or any other intellectual property rights.
  • 3. Liability for own content

    Our liability, irrespective of the legal cause, for any damages arising out of or in connection with the use of our websites shall be limited to damages caused by us or our vicarious agents intentionally or by gross negligence or – in the event of injury to life, limb or health – by slight negligence. The amount of liability resulting from a slightly negligent breach of any material contractual duties shall be limited to typical and foreseeable damages. This is without prejudice to any liability under the Product Liability Act. The above limitation on liability also applies to the operation of the websites and the downloading of content. Please ensure that you have adequate virus protection prior to downloading files and information.
  • 4. Liability for third-party content

    Our websites may contain links to websites operated by third parties ("Third-Party Websites"). Moreover, chats may be installed on our websites in which third parties express their opinion on various topics ("Third-Party Postings"). We bear no responsibility for the content of the Third-Party Websites and Third-Party Postings and expressly distance ourselves from such content. If we become aware that any Third-Party Websites or Third-Party Postings infringe any statutory provisions or third-party rights, we will remove the link or delete the respective posting made in the chat insofar as this is possible in legal and technical terms. In this respect, we would appreciate any relevant information provided by you. Uploading illegal material or material infringing any third-party rights in chats installed on our websites is prohibited. This applies in particular to defamatory, disparaging, offensive or pornographic material